Tuesday, 30 October 2012

More about Halloween

This is what my friend JUDE from the USA wrote for you about Halloween. Look at the photos she took, she is a great photographer.

Halloween is my favorite holiday. It gives people of all ages the opportunity to dress up and have fun. I love to be waited on by a witch or a Tinkerbell when I go to the bank.

Costumes can be anything or anyone you want, including superheros, fictional characters, real people, etc. I have a huge cook’s hat and apron that is my costume. I will wear it on October 31st. when I answer my door for kids going “trick-or-treating”. They say “trick or treat” and I will give them candy to put into the bags they carry.
I will have a pumpkin on my front porch and turn on the light so they will know to come to my house.

Thanks so much, Jude!

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