Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Dear students

I'm sure you are having a very good time. You are on holidays now, doing very different things like sailing, swimming in the beach, watching the Football World Cup, getting up late, playing with friends, diving, finding shells... But I'd like you could find a little time to write me a postcard as we talk the last days at school. I give you a structure you can use:

Dear teacher’s name,

I am with my family /

grandparents / friends in

name of town .

It is a great / fantastic / boring

/ horrible / very interesting place.

There are museums / shops /

cinemas / monuments / cinemas .

There’s a zoo / planetarium /

beach / castle / football stadium,


This is a picture of name of

monument or building.

I am writing this postcard on the

beach / in the park / in a café /

at home.

Today, it’s hot / warm / cold and

sunny / windy / rainy / cloudy.

See you in September.

Best wishes,

your name

I would be very pleased to receive any postcard from your place of holiday, maybe here, in any part of Mallorca, maybe from any place around the world. I will send one to the school from POLAND.
We will make a big poster with all of them in September.

Have a look at your page in epals you will find a letter.

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