Saturday, 23 January 2010


The playground
The classroom

The computer lab

The gym

The library

Our class in Primary 6th have got new friends in Winnipeg, CANADÁ.

They are writting each other through Internet. Their Primary 6th teacher, Michelle contacted with me through Epals.

And we thought it would be a good idea to match our pupils.

The school in Canadá is called "Angus McKay" . Michelle sent me some photografs I want you to see of the school:

Look at the Library, I love it! It's so nice and welcoming. They can borrow story books and other kinds of books from there.

The gym is very big.

Have a look at their classroom, it is very similar to ours but look what they have on their chairs, can you imagine why?

The computer lab is quite big and has got lots of modern computers. Children go there very often.
I like the playground. It is full of snow! They say now is quite warm -9ºC!!! I can understand them because 2 weeks ago they had -38ºC ! Can you imagine that?

When they have that temperature, children can't go out to the playground during the break.

The names of our new friends are: Alex, Autumn, Braeden, Chaden, Christopher, Cole, Dylan Emma, Garron, Grace, Isabelle, Jennifer, Liliane, Logan, Noah, Owen, Phaedra, Tessa, Tim and Zachary.

I'm sure children in la Inmaculada and children in Angus Mckay will become great friends very soon.

Thank you for being our friends!

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